Güdel at IMTEX 2019 – The flagship event for the Indian metal cutting industry

Güdel is presenting a wide range of product innovations to its visitors in Bengaluru.

Smooth production processes require larger work areas. These are made possible by universal floor-mounted drive axes. With its TrackMotion product range, Güdel adds another axis to industrial robots. Due to the high degree of rigidity of the carriage unit, Güdel’s TMF (TrackMotion Floor) easily absorbs the dynamic fundamental loads of articulated robots in every direction. The guide rollers, placed laterally and orthogonally, permit the greatest possible dynamics for the smallest frame size.

Güdel’s gantry system enables the flexible positioning of the columns of the gantry beam. This means a huge advantage in the planning phase, when frequently the exact dimensions of machines and space needed for some processes in the automatic production line can only be determined at the last moment. The columns can be freely positioned within a grid of 100 mm. The entire rear side of the beam is threaded and can be fitted with drip trays, cable ducts etc. The stroke movements can be varied with the free placements of shock absorbers in steps of 100mm. They are mounted in the bore holes on the front side.

In Bengaluru, Güdel is presenting a TMF-2 floor drive axis and a ZP-4 two axis gantry, which moves the Güdel world. The drive axis TMF-2 is driven by a Güdel high performance angle gearbox HPG 060. In combination with Güdel's own racks and pinions this results in the ideal drive train. The static payload is 2.5 tons and a dynamic payload of 900 kg can be moved. The drive axis is compatible for all industrial robot models. Up to four carriages can be driven separately or all in one.

The presented ZP-4 offers low-noise and precise production handling for a payload of up to 200 kg. The gantry guaranties high reliability, flexibility and short cycle times. Helical racks ensure smooth operation and reduce noise. The gantry is equipped with one fixed and one innovative telescopic axis. The new telescopic axis is characterized by increased performance features and is in no way inferior to a fixed axis. Both axes have the same payload. Compared to conventional telescopic axes, the new Güdel axis even increases the payload by 50% thanks to the double profile tube construction. In addition, relevant product components, such as helical gear racks and powerful end position buffers, could be adapted to other portal standard. Other advantages are the double securing of the inner carrier profile by a second toothed belt, increased safety conditions and optical monitoring of both belts. The new space-saving design makes it possible to integrate a safety brake into the telescopic axis. An assembly-friendly design could also be achieved in the maintenance area. Changing rollers, belts or even the guide carriages is quick and easy.

A new product is the system solution GAdjustment, a planetary gearbox with internal eccentric output flange for precise and repeatable linear backlash adjustment between rack and pinion. The compact functional unit with integral mounting and positioning system built into one component provides maximum stiffness due to form fit support of the output bearing and the compact pinion solution. It can be assembled and disassembled using standard tools and the easy-to-use web application GAdjuster supports the setup.

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At the booth Güdel shows its unique vertical integration within components. An impressive fact is the broad range of products and core competence as solution provider. Components developed and made by Güdel are presented in a modular system. Visit Güdel at IMTEX 2019.


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