Martin Müller new interim CEO for Güdel Group AG

We are pleased to announce that Mr Martin Müller is taking over as the CEO of Güdel Group AG with immediate effect. Martin Müller has been with the Güdel Group AG since 2004 and built the extremely successful Metal Sheet Handling unit, among other tasks. Since 2017, Mr Müller has been in charge of our growing Asian markets. Originally, Mr Müller had been planning to slow things down a little in regard of his upcoming retirement. It makes us even more glad that Martin Müller has agreed to serve as the CEO of the Güdel Group AG for an interim phase. “In Martin Müller, we have been able to find an experienced and successful manager. We are very pleased that Mr Müller has agreed once more to contribute his profound knowledge of Güdel as a company, as well as of our customers and markets, to the overall management of our operative business and postpone his retirement plans for the time being”, says Gwendolin Güdel, president of the Board of Directors.

On his own request, Dirk Schneider will be leaving the Güdel Group AG on 31 July 2018. Since October 2017, Mr Schneider was a member of the Executive Board in his role as Chief Restructuring Officer” (CRO). In January 2018, he also took over as the interim chairman of the Executive Board (CEO). In coordination with the Board of Directors, it was decided to keep this transitional period as short as possible, since these two key leadership roles cannot be filled by a single person in the long run. We thank Dirk Schneider for his commitment to the Güdel Group AG.

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